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3 Spots Mold Loves to Hide in Your Home

9/24/2023 (Permalink)

The presence of mold in your home can cause significant damage to both you and your belongings. Molds, being fungi, are destructive in nature. They appear and replicate quickly when an area becomes damp and humid. Molds can cause or exacerbate a wide variety of allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals. Some of these symptoms include coughing, wheezing, sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, nasal stuffiness, and so on. 

However, molds not only have a negative impact on human health, but they also cause a number of structural issues that, if left unchecked, can put you and your family in danger and destroy valuable possessions. 

Because of this, you should always be on the lookout for mold and be ready to take immediate action against an infestation by finding its hiding places and contacting a mold remediation expert. Of course, you're probably already familiar with the obvious spots, but you may not have considered the hidden places where mold can grow rapidly without being noticed, and these are often the ones that lead to major problems and costly repairs in the home. But if you know what to look for and perform some basic home maintenance regularly, you can keep your home mold-free.

When inspecting your home for mold, here are the three (3) most important places to look:

In the Shower or Bathtub 

Mold prefers and thrives in moist environments, so it can be found in poorly ventilated bathrooms and showers. Mold frequently grows in the grout between tiles and can be difficult to detect and remove. Make a habit of thoroughly scrubbing all surfaces on a regular basis. They are also commonly found on appliances that get damp from prolonged exposure to water. Keep your bathroom well-ventilated at all times, and if you're worried about mold but can't tell for sure, consider hiring a mold remediation expert to take a look around.

Get in touch with a qualified clean-up service, such as SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge and Ascension. Because of our extensive experience with mold remediation, we can quickly return your home to a healthy and safe condition.

In the Basement 

Poorly lit and moist areas are the two primary factors mold needs to thrive, and basements are often damp and dark, which makes an ideal place for mold to grow. The dust that accumulates there, combined with the limited airflow, creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive. Check for leaks and moisture issues, and try to dry out the basement as much as possible.

In the Kitchen 

Mold can grow in a variety of spots and areas throughout the kitchen. Mold loves to grow on food, so if you want to keep it from taking over your fridge or freezer, you should clean it out regularly. 

Get rid of any food items that have gone bad or are past their expiration date. Dishes and the dishwasher are two more areas where you might be tempted to cut corners in an effort to save time, money, or both. For example, you might skip the dry cycle phase to get the dishwasher done more quickly and use less energy. When your dishes and dishwasher aren't properly dried, they become a breeding ground for mold. On the other hand, you might find mold growing in the cracks among your dishware stacked in the cupboard.

It is important to make sure that your food items are properly packaged and stored. Therefore, it is advisable to do regular checks to make sure that no perishables have gone bad or have expired and that no mold has grown. 

Quick Signs of Mold's Presence

  1. Musty odor or damp and rotten smell
  2. Stained clothing
  3. Contaminated carpets
  4. Tainted tiles
  5. Distorted walls

If you have looked around your home and are experiencing some of these symptoms, you should get a mold check and have it cleaned up. When you detect a musty smell but can't figure out what it is, it's time to call a mold removal company. 

Contact a professional remediation company like SERVPRO of East Baton Rouge and Ascension. We specialize in mold removal and can quickly restore your home to a safe and healthy state. For more information, please contact us right away!

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